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The new season of Beyond Clean With Dave has started and here are the three episodes from January.

Please let me know your thoughts.





4 thoughts on “Latest Information from JanitorKatt”

  1. I just came across your site by a search on the web. Our paths keep crossing which is a pleasure
    I used to live in Des Peres on the street that was next to OK
    I used to have a country place in Rolla
    We have emailed in the past
    Connected on LinkedIn
    You started at a janitor and I started at a dishwasher at the Flaming Pit in Des Peres
    Now I sell dishmachine chemicals and dabble in floor care
    Keep up the great work- You do have people who listen

    1. Jerry, so glad to hear that you have been reading and listening. Thank you for watching the show. It is fun and serious at the same time. You should enjoy tomorrows show. Are you still in Des Peres? I have a house in Rolla I’m trying to sell!!!

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