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How Green Cleaning Chemicals Have Improved Through The Years

Here are three links to a full article on this subject published in Contracting Profits magazine.–20976–20977–20978

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Students Active in Infection Prevention

Rolla High National Honor Society volunteers to clean in the building for two dates.

RHS National Honor Society

The students worked for two hours cleaning student desks, touch points, windows and other tasks that teachers may have needed cleaned in their rooms. They will conduct another cleaning in a couple weeks.

This is to help promote the health of building occupants during the highest point of the flu season.

They were instructed on proper cleaning methods and used current chemicals and equipment used by the custodial staff of this GOLD EHS Certified school.


Beyond Clean With Dave just aired LIVE on the net for the first time in 2017. This weekly broadcast originates from GEM Supply in sunny Orlando and focuses on healthy, positive and proactive knowledge for the Environmental Services industry.


Cleaning buildings and the issues people leave behind is not glamorous, nor is it highly regarded by the overwhelming majority of the public as a career of choice. However, now with over 45 years in this industry, it continues to provide challenges and rewards, the likes of which I never imaged the first day I picked up a dust mop.

Please join me each week as I explore this wonderful world of “Cleaning in the 21st Century”. Guest speakers are not just coming on the show to talk about cleaning, but will be from all walks of life. If you are an entrepreneur, a manager or an individual looking to improve what you are doing now, please join in on the conversation by sending me an email, or come by and see me if you are in the Orlando area.

Live Class in Orlando

Come and enjoy sunny Orlando in January. The ACE/GCI Master Green Technician class will be held at the ACE Learning Center in GEM Supply, 1312 W. Washington, starting at noon on Monday the 16th and ending on Friday the 20th at noon.

Hands on time in Master Class
Hands on time in Master Class

During the week you will be able to earn certificates in the following areas;

The Value of Cleaning for Health and the Professional Cleaning Industry
General Safety
General Cleaning
Customer Service
Restroom Care
Hazard Communication
Hard Floor Care
Carpet Care

It all comes with the full Masters Course;

  • You will come away with a working sell sheet to promote your value as a Master Technician within your workplace.  ($1000)
  • You will have a working model of work loading in a specific facility that you maintain. ($300)
  • You will have 9 ISSA Verified certifications from ACE and GCI Certified.  ($999)
  • You will have Access to the ISSA Verified, ACE/GCI Technician course for 2 frontline staff members.  ($300)

This is a $2600 value if purchased separately, but if you sign up before December 16th, it is only $999.


To sign up, follow this link for registration and more details.

If you would like to talk with me more about the class, please contact me.

FYI, class is filling up so don’t delay your decision for this first class of 2017.

New Job – New Town

Starting the 5th of December, 2016 I will be the Education Director at GEM Supply in Orlando, Florida.  With this move from Missouri to Florida there are many challenges when you have been in one house for 20 years and 30 years in the St. Louis area.

This said, there are many new opportunities awaiting me when I arrive.  I will continue to update you, the cleaning professional on all of the newest and most healthy programs and processes that I am exposed to.  Here is an example of what GEM Supply regards as the 7 Pillars of GEM.7-pillars


I look forward to bringing you more information as I start my new position in Orlando, Kissimmee, Lakeland and Tampa.  Oh, and watch for the launch of ” Beyond Clean with Dave”, set to start airing in January, 2017.



How to clean a gym… in the woods

  • This past week I had the pleasure of delivering a V-Sweep, Gym floor program to a young married couple in southern Missouri.  The directions I was given made me want to find this place even more.  As I got off the main highway and down the narrow paved back road, I was looking for a dirt road that turned to the right and was to go to the bottom of the hill and look for the new red building, where I was to deliver the gym floor system and demonstrate its function.
    Gym in the Woods
    Gym in the Woods

Just before getting off the highway, I had received a text message asking how much water we needed to do the demo.  I had simply replied, “two gallons”. As you can see, I found the new red building at the bottom of the hill.  It looked to me like a tractor shed, placed at the end of the valley, just below the house on the hill. Now, does this sound like the start of a novel or something?

Bonnie was standing in the road waiting for me, her husband walking out of the building.  I introduced myself, as we had only talked on the phone after she had found out about the V-Sweep, Gym program on

I had to take a look inside and see just what we had here.  To my surprise it was a volleyball court and half basketball gym.


Gym in the Woods
Gym in the Woods

This is my 30th year marketing JanSan products in Missouri and I have went to some out of the way places to help people out with their cleaning needs, but its been some time since I have had the pleasure of something like this.  This couple has two children in their early teens and has built a place for the kids in the valley to go to instead of running the hills and getting into trouble.


Here, in the Ozarks is a family who, instead of talking about the issues teens face, have done something to bring them together.  I was more than happy to show them how the system worked.  As this is a raised, interlocking sports floor, they could not have water running down below the surface and the system provides that capability.

They cleaned the whole gym, put the lid on the bucket and sat it in the corner for the next time.  The solution is usable several times depending on how bad the floor is and since they have to bring water to the building, two gallons per charge, they won’t have to carry too often.

Oh, along the wall was a line of shoes…ones they change into to play on the floor.  If you wonder whether you can use this system like they did, let this be a testimonial to what can be done, not only with the V-Sweep Gym system but when you really want to change what is going on in your community.