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Beyond Clean With Dave just aired LIVE on the net for the first time in 2017. This weekly broadcast originates from GEM Supply in sunny Orlando and focuses on healthy, positive and proactive knowledge for the Environmental Services industry.


Cleaning buildings and the issues people leave behind is not glamorous, nor is it highly regarded by the overwhelming majority of the public as a career of choice. However, now with over 45 years in this industry, it continues to provide challenges and rewards, the likes of which I never imaged the first day I picked up a dust mop.

Please join me each week as I explore this wonderful world of “Cleaning in the 21st Century”. Guest speakers are not just coming on the show to talk about cleaning, but will be from all walks of life. If you are an entrepreneur, a manager or an individual looking to improve what you are doing now, please join in on the conversation by sending me an email, or come by and see me if you are in the Orlando area.

Gross-Disgusting Bathroom Gets Cleaned

I have the unique opportunities to test chemicals, programs and equipment in many areas and I always enjoy being able to do so.

Even I am taken aback by some of what I find.  Here, there is obviously a lack of education as well as other issues. The real issue is that the paying public, the families who send their children to school, should be more involved in the conditions of the public buildings they are paying for….at least that’s my option.  Now, for what I found, tested and did to correct the issues.  I was taught to not be a part of the problem, but the solution.  During this test I was able to see that I have a solution and the tested products worked as expected.

Please understand that I am not criticizing anyone in particular, but it is obvious to me that if the current supplier of custodial products were a ‘real partner’ with this school, they would have shown them what could be done.  This is the difference between a supplier being there only to take the schools money or an operation who is consulting with the client to improve environmental conditions.

Now, one with the test!

Using chemical product from Betco, OxyFect G to be specific along with the Tornado Vario ll and white brushes, I was able make great headway in loosening this gross filth from the floors.  After a rinse and vacuuming with the KaiVac 2150, all was gone.

I will say, that while this made great headway in bringing this restroom back, the job is not done as there is more that can be done to bring this back to what I would say is right.  This was only 45 minutes of work and it will require several more cleanings to bring it up to standard.


Oh, you want to see what I’m talking about?  Just click on the tile if you can….but I warn you, you should not be eating while watching this!

Clean Floor?

Clean Floors Require Different Buckets

Double bucket microfibre mopping is about bringing to the frontline worker new and productive practices and tools.  When you are cleaning floors with only a mop and bucket, the tools have to be current and up to date, and the old sloppy mop and single hole bucket just doesn’t do it anymore.

If you are wondering why no  matter what chemical you try, your floors still are not clear and clean, maybe you should look into updating the tools you are using.  The mop was originally designed to move TAR around on a roof, not mop floors.  It’s about time you used something that was designed to make better use of product and produce ‘best practice’ results.

Take a look and let me know if this is something you are doing, or might have to think about.


Watch the Video on what this program can do:

Find Out How To Order The Split Bucket Microfiber Mopping System HERE
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High Vacuuming of Dust Safely

High Dusting – High Vacuuming, Just how do you go about it safely?  Well, when I’ve been asked to help put a program together I always think of the frontline worker who is directly in the path of the falling dust.

Dust caries some of most of the airborne contaminates which can not only cause immediate impacts like coughing and a runny nose, but also long term respiratory issues.  Many do not know that dust settles at a rate of 1 foot per hour.  Without know this important fact, I have known service  personnel to use a blower to blow the dust from its place high in rafters, vents and on top of pipes.  As the worker stands in the work area, they are then taking in those contaminates into their lungs.

Vacuuming as you will see here, removes these issues.  Here is one of the Best Practice programs I used in a consultation with one client while keeping them on the floor.  As you can see, this system was being used during the day without harmful impact to the individuals using the facility either.



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