How Green Cleaning Chemicals Have Improved Through The Years

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Don’t Use Old Dirty Tools

When a spill happens and the intercom rings for a cleanup, every custodian in the world grabs the same old tired, dirty, stinky, dust pan and broom along with the dirty bucket of water sitting in the corner and heads to the issue.

But wait, what is the purpose of this?  How can you clean up a spill with old, outdated, dirty tools?  Just what is going to be the outcome if you keep doing the same thing?

NO MORE.  The task is to remove the materials and liquids from the floor and leave the area like it never even happened and to do it in the least amount of time.  If you are the Technician doing the job, you also want to do it with the least amount of effort too.

Whether it is dry debris or wet matter on the floor, the new method is to grab a squeegee on a handle and pull the materials into a plastic liner.  The liner is then dropped off the holder into a trash can, rinsed clean and ready for its next call to duty.

Take a bucketless microfiber mopping tool, drop the cleaning solution on the small amount of film left, mop it up and your done.

To see this healthy, positive and proactive process in action, take a look at this short video.

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Students Active in Infection Prevention

Rolla High National Honor Society volunteers to clean in the building for two dates.

RHS National Honor Society

The students worked for two hours cleaning student desks, touch points, windows and other tasks that teachers may have needed cleaned in their rooms. They will conduct another cleaning in a couple weeks.

This is to help promote the health of building occupants during the highest point of the flu season.

They were instructed on proper cleaning methods and used current chemicals and equipment used by the custodial staff of this GOLD EHS Certified school.

Low Speed Floor Machine

How many times have you had the handle fall, only to find out that when you try to readjust the handle it is stuck?  If you are like me, you have had this happen so many times you can’t count them.

This unit is brand new and one of a kind with a pin lock for the handle, as most every other floor machine has a sliding handle which never stays in place.  This new pin-lock is easy to use and the handle stays where you put it. Additionally, it is all steel construction with a triple planetary gear, unlike many other low speed floor machine on the market.

Take a look at this new machine from A.C.E. and see if we can ship you a few.  Special pricing is available for those who want a pallet of 12 units.












17″ Unit – $ 689

20″ Unit – $ 699

Both include a standard pad driver.

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