My History

Many years ago, a client asked me how much experience I had.  Then he challenged me with this question.  “Are you sure that you don’t have one-year experience that you have used over and over for 20 years?”  As I continue to grow as an individual, husband, instructor, presenter, colleague and friend, I always strive to improve through honest, thoughtful communication.

Currently, I live in Orlando, Florida since December of 2016 with my wife Rachael.

  • 2010 – I am honored to be a part of program that has helped Columbia Public Schools to receive the BEST NEW PROGRAM AWARD for School Districts from the 2010  Green Cleaning Award for Schools & Universities.  This award is sponsored by the American School & University magazine, The Green Cleaning Network, and Healthy Schools Campaign.
  • 2008 – I had the pleasure of sitting on the committee that formed the Missouri Green Cleaning Guidelines for Schools, which are part of the Missouri State Law.
  • 2009 – The International Sanitary Supply Association certified me as a Green Cleaning Professional.  Now with this information in hand, I conduct Green Cleaning Audits to help set a foundation for starting better “Cleaning for Health” programs.
  • 2008 – I had the pleasure of sitting on the committee that formed the Missouri Green Cleaning Guidelines for Schools, which became part of the Missouri State Law in 2009.
  • 2006 – Thomkatt Creations, LLC was formed and through this avenue I took my knowledge and abilities to speak to custodial staff, management individuals and salespeople alike, across Missouri and outside the “Show Me State”.
  • 2007 – The Missouri Association of Rural Education saw what I and Rachael was doing with our education program  and asked us to provide it to their membership.  Every summer for 4 years we toured Missouri schools who wanted to participate in the MARE Custodial Workshops.
  • 1986 – I left the services aspect of this industry and that fall, I drove into St. Louis and interviewed janitor supply distributors as if I was going to start a new janitor service.  One company treated me the way I wanted.  I went back to them and asked them for a job doing for others what they were prepared to do for me.  OK Vacuum was where I stayed for 18 years as an outside consultant.
  • 1982 – I became the owner of my own building maintenance service, Maintenance Plus.   I eventually employed over 50 people.  During the next four years our crews maintained the floors in 55 Wal-Mart stores across the state of Oklahoma.  We performed nightly service on hundreds of buildings in the Tulsa area until we focused solely on floors.
  • 1972 My career chose me.  I was in 9th grade and the custodian had an accident which brought the principal to me with a proposition.  I took the ring of keys and started cleaning.